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外贸英语900句之 合同 Contract

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  We’ll have the contract ready for signature.
  e signed a contract for medicines.
  r. Zhang sings the contract on behalf of the China National Silk Import &Export Corporation.
  Japanese company and SINOCHEM have entered into a new contract.
  t was because of you that we landed the contract.
  e offered a much lower price, so they got the contract.
  re we anywhere near a contract yet?
  e sign a contract when we are acting as principals.("principals" refers to the "seller" and the "buyer")
  know we (the seller) should draw up a contract and the buyer has to sign it.
  e should simultaneously sign two contracts, one sales contract for beef and mutton, and the other contract of equal value
  or the purchase of cotton.
  e both want to sign a contract, and we have to make some concessions to do it.
  e are here to discuss a new contract with you.
  ur current contract is about to expire, and we’ll need to discuss a new one.
  e can repeat the contract on the same terms.
  few problems with supply under the old contract must be quickly resolved.
  e ought to clear up problems arising from the old contract.
  o you always make out a contract for every deal?
  s per the contract, the construction of factory is now under way.
  Words and Phrases
  contract 合同,订立合同
  contractor 订约人,承包人
  contractual 合同的,契约的
  o make a contract 签订合同
  o place a contract 订合同
  o enter into a contract 订合同
  o sign a contract 签合同
  o draw up a contract 拟订合同
  o draft a contract 起草合同
  o get a contract 得到合同
  o land a contract 得到(拥有)合同
  o countersign a contract 会签合同
  o repeat a contract 重复合同
  n executory contract 尚待执行的合同
  nice fat contract 一个很有利的合同
  originals of the contract 合同正本
  copies of the contract 合同副本
  written contract 书面合同
  o make some concession 做某些让步
  Look at this contract.
  These are two originals of the contract we prepared.
  e enclose our sales contract No.45 in duplicate.
  he copy of our contract will be returned.
  This contract is for 250 metric tons of groundnuts at RMB1800 per M/T C&F Copenhagen.
  ay I refer you to Article 5 of the General Terms and Conditions of the contract?
  ay I refer you to the contract stipulation about packing (or shipping....)?
  ou must state the description of the goods, the quantity and the unit price in each contract.
  What are the main clauses in the contract?
  There is an arbitration clause in the contract. (or insurance clause, inspection clause, shipping clause...)
  Payment terms are important in a contract too, aren’t they?
  e ship our goods in accordance with the terms of the contract.
  ’m sure that shipment will be effected according to the contract stipulation.
  e sincerely hope that both quality and quantity are in conformity with the contract stipulations.
  ll terms and conditions will be the same as those in your previous contract number C70064.
  he contract states that the supplier will be charged a penalty if there is a delay in delivery.
  When the goods aren’t up to specification stated in the contract, there is also a penalty for poor quality.
  Words and Phrases
  contract terms (or contract clause) 合同条款
  contract provisions/stipulations 合同规定
  contract period (or contract term) 合同期限
  contract life 合同有效期
  o be stipulated in the contract 在合同中予以规定
  o be laid down in the contract 在合同中列明
  he contract comes into effect today, we can’t go back on our word now.
  Once the contract is approved by the Chinese government, it is legally binding upon both parties.
  e have to hold you to the contract.
  ou must put their rights and interest into a contract.
  e always carry out the terms o four contract to the letter and stand by what we say.
  It’s clearly a breach of contract.
  ny deviation from the contract will be unfavourable.
  he buyer has the option of canceling the contract.
  ou have no grounds for backing out of the contract.
  n case one party fails to carry out the contract, the other party is entitled to cancel the contract.
  re you worrying about the non-execution of the contract and non-payment on our part?
  ou cannot cancel the contract without first securing our agreement.
  This contract will come into force as soon as it is signed by two parties.
  Once a contract is made, it must be strictly implemented.
  Words and Phrases
  o bring a contract into effect 使合同生效
  o come into effect 生效
  o go (enter)into force 生效
  o cease to be in effect/force 失效
  o carry out a contract 执行合同
  o execute/implement/fulfil/perform a contract 执行合同
  cancellation of contract 撤消合同
  breach of contract 违反合同
  o break the contract 毁约
  o cancel the contract 撤消合同
  o tear up the contract 撕毁合同
  o approve the contract 审批合同
  o honour the contract 重合同
  o annual the contract 废除合同
  o terminate the contract 解除合同
  o alter the contract 修改合同
  o abide by the contract 遵守合同
  o go back on one’s words 反悔
  o be legally binding 受法律约束
  o stand by 遵守
  non-payment 拒不付款
  o secure one’s agreement 征得...的同意
  Additional Words and Phrases
  contract price 合约价格
  contract wages 合同工资
  contract note 买卖合同(证书)
  contract of employment 雇佣合同
  contract of engagement 雇佣合同
  contract of carriage 运输合同
  contract of arbitration 仲裁合同
  contract for goods 订货合同
  contract for purchase 采购合同
  contract for service 劳务合同
  contract for future delivery 期货合同
  contract of sale 销售合同
  contract of insurance 保险合同
  contract sales 订约销售
  contract law 合同法
  o ship a contract 装运合同的货物
  contractual dispute 合同上的争议
  long-term contract 长期合同
  short-term contract 短期合同
  contract parties 合同当事人
  contractual practice/usage 合同惯例
  contractual claim 根据合同的债权
  contractual liability/obligation 合同规定的义务
  contractual income 合同收入
  contractual specifications 合同规定
  contractual terms &conditions 合同条款和条件
  contractual guarantee 合同规定的担保
  contractual damage 合同引起的损害
  contractual-joint-venture 合作经营,契约式联合经营
  completion of contract 完成合同
  execution of contract 履行合同
  performance of contract 履行合同
  interpretation of contract 解释合同
  expiration of contract 合同期满
  renewal of contract 合同的续订